Outdoor Vinyl Playsets and Swing Sets

Every single one of our outdoor playsets represents the union of breathtaking fun and a longstanding commitment to safety. When kids catch a glimpse of the tall towers and eye-popping accessories, they can’t wait to play! And when parents learn about the safety advantages and longevity of vinyl playsets compared to wooden options, they feel total of peace-of-mind. At Adventure World Play Sets, we strive to build the very best play sets for outdoors, that provide year after year of thrilling family fun for kids of all ages!

Amish handmade quality is the cornerstone of all our swing set packages and vinyl playsets, from basic kids’ swing sets to jumbo playground-worthy sets! The mass-produced kids playground sets offered at other retail chains simply can’t match the quality of Adventure World Play Sets. Not only are our kids’ playsets built stronger, but our colorful outdoor playsets can be customized into hundreds of combinations – each set is unique and tailored to your family’s wants and needs. We’d love to help you turn your backyard into the entertainment destination your children will adore year after year!



Customize Your Kids’ Outdoor Playsets Here

The best thing about Adventure World Play Sets is that you have nearly unlimited room to customize your outdoor playset for how your kids like to have fun. Start with one of our popular kids’ swing sets and playsets and add on extra features, accessories, and totally new ways to play. These are some of our most popular outdoor playset accessories:

To make the custom design process (almost) as much fun as the kids’ playsets themselves, we created a 3D design center for our customers. This 100% free software lets you build your kids’ swing set from the ground up. You can visually see every single swing, tower, and accessory you add onto the design! We’ve heard from countless parents that they have a great time designing side-by-side with their kids!

blue and white kids swing set



You’ll Love a Worry-Free Kids Outdoor Playground Set

When kids see one of our vinyl swing sets for the first time, their eyes light up! Everything about the sets – from the colors to the playset accessories – just look like pure fun! However, there’s just as much for adults to love about our kids playground sets as well. First and foremost, they are a good buy – you won’t need to worry about any of our outdoor playsets falling apart in your yard like cheaper options. On top of that, the heavy-duty vinyl that protects the entire kids playground set means that you never need to repaint or re-stain your Adventure World Play Set to keep it looking like new. While your kids are going to enamored by the possibility for heart-pumping fun, you’ll be relieved by the practical advantages of our vinyl swing sets.

Some key components of our playground equipment include:

  • Our equipment meets high construction safety standards
  • We securely affix wooden beams within each vinyl sleeve
  • The vinyl sleeves leave no exposed wood to rot or warp
  • We use stainless steel bolts
  • Our sets include two ground anchors for each swing beam
  • We employ sturdy metal powder-coated brackets that won’t peel or rust away easily
  • Our sturdy swing hangers include spring clips for height adjustments
  • We cover the underside of decking and roofs with water-resistant vinyl

vinyl playset

Truly Safe Outdoor Play

Numerous academic studies back up what most parents instinctually know: playing outside is good for children. There are a whole range of physical, mental, and social benefits that kids enjoy thanks to regular outdoor fun. While ever-present technology and social media may seemingly keep today’s kids glued to the couch, one of our kids playground sets can even the scales. Having one of these bright, bold, and exciting Amish playsets tailored to their play style is one of the surest ways to help them re-discover the fun of the outdoors. Learn more about how swing sets encourage your kids to get active outside!

All of our kids playground sets and vinyl playsets let you feel completely confident that your kids are safe – as well as having a great time. First and foremost, our sets are built tough, with ultra-reinforced swing beams and ultra-heavy-duty fasteners. Plus, the vinyl that gives our sets the maintenance-free advantages also means that there is never any risk of splinters.

Our outdoor kids playsets feature several advantages other, lower quality products often lack, including:

Bring Home Your Outdoor Playset

Our exceptional play sets for outdoors, combined with our outstanding customer service from our local dealers, guarantees a pleasant shopping experience. Kids across America are enjoying these fun, vinyl playsets, and so should yours! Put a smile on your child’s face and invest in our quality, long-lasting kids swing sets, and let the adventure begin!

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