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The Benefits of Playing Outside for Kids

When you think back on the happiest days of childhood, you probably think about playing outside. Those long summer nights on the playground or in your backyard were what you lived for as a kid. Not only were those some of the best times you can remember, more and more studies show that there are countless mental and physical health benefits of playing outside for kids.

However, if it seems to you that this generation of children prefers the indoors, you’re right — and the numbers back that up. All of the statistics on children’s outdoor play show a pretty serious imbalance between indoor and outdoor fun.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re dedicated to building the most exciting swing sets and play sets that gets children motivated to get up off the couch. Learn why playing outside doesn’t just build great memories, but also makes for happy and healthy kids as well.

benefits of being outdoors

The Most Important Statistic on Children’s Outdoor Play

It sure seems like this generation of kids feels more at home parked on the couch as opposed to bolting around the backyard basking in the sunshine. Numerous national studies of American elementary school kids have confirmed what watchful parents already know. Children today spend approximately 10 minutes a day playing outside compared to approximately 5 hours per day using electronic devices.

This isn’t just a shame because there’s a big, beautiful world to explore, but because today’s kids are missing out on the wellness benefits of being outdoors. The benefits of playing outside for kids both make common sense and are backed by professional studies.

  1. Physical — Adult or kid, when you’re outside and being active, it makes a difference in your physical health. When kids are playing outside, they’re getting unbeatable exercise and building their coordination. Getting outside as a family is a great way to get everyone feeling healthy — see our picks for 7 awesome games to play with your kids.
  2. Emotional — Today’s kids are experiencing stress in record levels as well — one of the best ways to beat that stress is by unplugging and getting outside. Not only are the outdoors an unbeatable take-your-mind-off-it answer, but kids have been shown to get a better night’s sleep after playing outside.
  3. Creative — One of the main benefits of being outdoors is the way it stimulates the imagination. The digital world of the 21st century is always on-demand, leaving little room to think up stories or games on your own. Getting away from the constant stimulation of electronics allows the young imagination to flourish. See our playset accessories designed to spark the imagination.
  4. Social — You know the feeling. You’re more “connected” than ever before, but you still feel a little isolated. While social media and technology do bring kids together, sometimes there’s no substitute for kids bonding and spending time together outdoors and totally unplugged. We often hear from parents who buy Adventure World Play Set’s that their backyards become hotspots for the neighborhood kids. Discover our 7 can’t-miss strategies to get kids to play outside.

The Most-Exciting Swing Sets & Playsets

statistics on children's outdoor play

Smart phones, social media and video game consoles. No question about it, the outdoors has more competition than ever before. However, with the right exciting playset you can make your backyard the neighborhood playground destination.

At Adventure World Play Sets we build eye-catching, ultra-fun playsets packed with all the ways to slide, swing and enjoy the outdoors that kids need and want. See some of our most exciting playsets right here!

You want your kids to enjoy all of those key benefits of kids playing outside — and they’ll want to have fun on the most-thrilling set they’ve ever seen. That’s why kids AND parents love Adventure World Play Sets

Enter your zip code to find your nearest playset dealer to get pricing, see the sets in person and schedule your backyard installation!

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Loved the 3D version of the playset. It came way before expected to take to ship. The colors are brights and vibrant. Everything is super sturdy and well constructed. My child is super excited and will be very happy for many years to come.
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Kayson John
16:36 22 Oct 21
If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
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Steven Rice
12:35 10 Aug 21
Excellent customer service & assembly!
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Jeannie DeCicco
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Love, love, love this playlet! Ultimate Outdoor Play in Mandeville LA for the purchase and installation, and they were fantastic. Call Craig and he will take care of you.
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mtc nh
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3d Design Center is amazing i was able to build a swing set without having to buy it.
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Odin Fowler
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Beautiful set. Professional service.
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21:38 05 Dec 20