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7 Things Your Family Swing Set Must Have

There are few things better than getting the whole family outdoors — away from the captivating glare of phones, TVs, and laptops. Enjoying the good weather and having some active outdoor fun just can’t be beat — even internet addicts have to agree! That’s where a family swing set or playset comes in as the perfect centerpiece for all your backyard fun.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we know the value of family time, and that’s why we build exciting and unique playsets designed for families to enjoy together! In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our family swing sets that are perfect for swinging together, sliding, running around, and playing outdoor games. So, if you’re wondering what this set looks like, you’re in the right place — see examples of our favorite sets and let’s dive right in!

What to Look for in a Family Playset

You’ll love the joy and exhilaration your kids experience having high-energy fun on your family playset. In order for the set to fit the bill, though, there are a few boxes it needs to check. Here’s what you’re looking for:

  1. Enough Room for Everyone — First and foremost, the perfect family playset will be big enough to accommodate your whole family. After all, the whole point of playing outside together is to not let anyone be left out! Many of our playsets are big enough that everyone can play on a slide or a swing, so you won’t have to worry about any tussles over whose turn it is!

    Check out a truly huge swing set right here!
  2. Ability to Accommodate Different Styles of Play — Different kids means different styles of play. While some might favor heart-pumping exercise, others might prefer quiet imagination games. The right playset accommodates both. For example, our sets come with slides and swings of course — and also with sandboxes, playhouses and hidden huts to foster imaginative play. You can tailor your swing set accessories to the exact way your children like to have fun.
  3. Usable by Kids of Multiple Ages — If you have a big family, then chances are you have kids at lots of different ages and play abilities. The right family playset truly doesn’t leave anyone out. You can custom design your set to have both baby swings for the little ones — and faster paced options like rock walls, overhead climbers, an array of swings for older kids and other athletic sections for your kids as they get older. The perfect playset will be just as exciting to your older kids as much as to the younger ones.
  4. The Ability to Be Upgraded Over Time — One of the things that truly sets Adventure World Playsets apart from other manufacturers is that our completed swing sets can always be upgraded with additional accessories and swing set towers. That means as the family grows and the interests change, you can customize the family swing set to match!
  5. A Long Lifespan — If you want your set to be the cornerstone of family fun through everyone’s childhood and early adolescence, you’re going to need a swing set that lasts a long time. At Adventure World Play Sets, all of our play sets are designed to last for several decades — without ever needing to be re-stained, re-painted, or repaired.

    Learn more about how long swing sets last.
  6. Safety — As parents, safety is always on our minds. That’s why the best family swing set is also going to be the safest. Not only are Adventure World Play Sets pieces built extremely sturdy, they are also completely cased in vinyl, meaning no splinters ever.

    Want to get more safety information? Check out the best material to put under a swing set.
  7. Adult Inclusion — It wouldn’t be a true family swing set if anyone was left out — and that means you, too! Right off the bat, our swing beams are rated to hold 2,000 pounds of pressure, and our swings are strong enough for grown-ups to enjoy as well. Plus, we sell dedicated adult seats and swings for adults that will allow you to relax while spending time with the kids!

Get Creative in Our 3D Design Center

3d rendering of family swing set

Feeling ready for the family playset everyone will love? That’s awesome! You can check out some of our most popular models right here — or design something unique on your own. We created a full 3D design center that allows you to build a 100% custom set from the ground up. This easy-to-use tool lets you create the perfect set for you — and get a price to have it built in your backyard! Try it right here:

Try Our 3D Design Center

Get Prices on Family Swing Sets

The first step in bringing home a family swing set from Adventure World Play Sets is to find your nearest official dealer. We sell our products nationwide exclusively through our dealer network. Your knowledgeable local dealer will be able to help you design something unique, answer all of your questions, and give you a price. To find your nearest dealer, simply enter your zip code at the top of the page!

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The best play sets on the market! The installers were very nice and installed it very quickly. This will bring years of smiles! Worth the investment.
Wes Zelenz
Wes Zelenz
15:38 09 Oct 20
Amazing player pleasant installation team. Quick efficient workers
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Eli Greenfield
02:40 25 Sep 20
This play set is well built and easy to assemble. Highly recommend.
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Andy McCann
16:52 22 Sep 20
We are so pleased with this purchase. Our little ones have so enjoyed this play-set. It is so very worth the price, so well-made. I look forward to having grandkids playing on it one day!
Margaret Woods
Margaret Woods
18:49 25 Aug 20
We purchased an Adventure World Vinyl play station from Back Yard Living at end of May. Unit was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Adam was very helpful with information on various units and manufacturers. We decided to go with the maintenance free all vinyl clad swing set, play station from Adventure World. Unit was professionally and thoroughly installed yesterday. This unit is extremely well built and solid. Backyard Living was a pleasure to work with and we are extremely satisfied with the product we chose and the company who provided unit and installed I would wholeheartedly recommend Back Yard living as your go to company for your children's play station!!!
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
18:15 08 Jul 20
Purchased a an Adventure World BasecampModel swingset/ play unit from Backyard Living in Richmond,MI. Adam was extremely helpful with information to help me make my decision. Unit was ordered and was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Installation was very professional and thorough. We could not be more satisfied with this completely vinyl clad unit, solidly built, great safety features. I would wholeheartedly recommend Backyard Living for your go to company for a swingset/PlayStation!! Dave Troy,MI
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
17:21 08 Jul 20