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How to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

Study after study of both adults and children show that exercise is incredibly essential to both health and happiness. More than ever, though, it can feel like today’s kids have so many other fun options and distractions that going outside for some exercise is simply never on their minds. Of course, the right ideas and outdoor equipment can make breaking a sweat a blast! Explore some of our favorite ideas to make exercise fun for kids!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we craft a wide range of vinyl playsets that kids all across the country love! While building high-quality play equipment is our main passion, we also care about getting kids off the couch to enjoy the simple fun of outdoor play. Keep reading to learn how to make exercise fun for kids — and check out our super-fun swing sets!

Fitness for Kids at Home: 7 Easy Tips

Encouraging fitness for kids at home can feel like an uphill battle. You’re competing against the hypnotic power of smartphones, laptops, and streaming services. However, with the right ideas, you can even the playing field and make outdoor time one of their favorite family events.

  1. Suggest Fun-First Exercise — One of the best ways to make exercise fun for kids is to make it not feel like exercise at all. Your kids might be pretty resistant to breaking a sweat if they have to run laps, but if it doesn’t feel like working out, they might get on board. Swinging on a swing set is one of the best examples of fun-first exercise, but other great options are things like jumping rope or riding a bike!
  2. Invite Their Friends Along — “The more the merrier” adage definitely applies here. If your kids tend to be more extroverted, they might be more inclined to enjoy backyard exercise if you let them bring their friends along. Just make sure that their friends know they are coming over to work out for a little bit — and make sure whatever game or piece of play equipment you’re using has enough room for everyone. Explore some of our huge backyard playgrounds built to accommodate everyone!
  3. Track Their Progress — Here’s an idea to promote fitness for kids at home that is a little different. While some kids love free-form play, others thrive on structure and progress. If you know your little ones are goal-driven, this can be applied to exercise, too. You can track almost anything: from how fast they run a set distance, to how quickly they climb a rock wall, to how long they can hang from the monkey bars. Seeing their stats improve over time is a great motivator for kids to keep trying — and keep playing!
  4. Make it Convenient — One of the reasons that electronics win out against exercise is that they are so convenient. That’s why one of the best things you can do to promote fitness for kids at home is to make it as simple as possible. Whether that’s a playset in your backyard or a treadmill or weight set in a spare room, remove all of the obstacles that could get in the way of getting that all-important physical activity.
  5. Work Out Together — One of the key ways to make exercise fun for kids is by showing them that it’s fun for you, too! If they see you enjoying yourself, they’ll be more inclined to give it a shot, particularly if it isn’t part of your normal family routine. Plus, doing things together as a family makes everything better!
  6. Support Different Exercise Styles — Since everyone is different, everyone’s preferred style of activity differs as well. When it comes to encouraging fitness for kids at home, it’s less important what exercise they are doing and more important that they are doing exercise at all. Some kids will prefer solo exercise, while others much prefer high-energy games. Simply talk to your kids about what they like and introduce different options on a regular basis. Check out our favorite playground games for kids!
  7. Buy an Adventure World Play Set — This is a surefire way to make your backyard THE play destination for your kids for years to come! By bringing home an exciting, colorful, and customized Adventure World Play Set, you bring a whole ton of fun-first exercise right to your backyard. They’ll be so enamored with their brand new set that they won’t even stop to think about the great exercise they are getting! Learn just how many calories swinging burns!
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Why Kids Love Adventure World Play Sets

It takes a lot to compete with the power of electronics and social media — fortunately, our playsets are designed to excite and inspire kids of all ages. It all starts with the gorgeous bright colors that catch your eye and announce just how much fun they are going to be. On top of that, the tall towers and fast slides provide high-energy fun! And of course, you can’t forget all of the thrilling types of swings we build, including tire swings, trapeze swings, ball swings, and so much more! Ultimately, everything about our premium swing sets is meant to appeal to kids in a way no other playset can!

Make Exercise Fun for Kids with Us

Now you know how to make exercise fun for kids — and whether you want to get started with what you have or bring home one of our sets, we wish you all the best! However, if you are interested in bringing one of our premium vinyl sets to your backyard, we can help you take the next step. The first step you’ll want to take is to enter your zip code at the top right of this website, which will help you find your local Adventure World Play Sets dealer. Our dedicated dealer network will handle everything from designing your custom set, to providing you with a price to install everything in your yard!

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Loved the 3D version of the playset. It came way before expected to take to ship. The colors are brights and vibrant. Everything is super sturdy and well constructed. My child is super excited and will be very happy for many years to come.
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Kayson John
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If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
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Excellent customer service & assembly!
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Jeannie DeCicco
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