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Are Premium Playsets Worth the Money?

Is a swing set worth it?

Parents everywhere want to know, “Are playsets worth the money?

At Adventure World Play Sets, we always tell them: the right one is! It’s a completely understandable question, though. Buying a high-quality playset for your children is a large investment. You want to know that you’re spending your money on a well-built product that lasts a lifetime. Plus, you also want to make sure that it’s exciting and interesting enough to hold your kids’ attention for years to come!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’ve been building world class sets for decades. Our hand-built outdoor play equipment is designed to provide children with high-energy outdoor play and lots of opportunities to use their imagination. Read our blog and learn why our fans say our playsets are worth the money and then some!

How to Know Is a Swing Set Worth It?

When potential customers ask us, “Is a swing set worth it?” we tell them what our satisfied customers have told us! These are the 6 main reasons that we’ve heard — and we know — that our playsets and swing sets are absolutely worth the money:

  1. High-Quality Construction — Each of our sets are hand-built by our Amish craftsmen and the pieces are carefully inspected before being completed. Since ALL Adventure World Play Sets are built with incredible attention to detail, they are 100% guaranteed to be safe for your children.
  2. Maximum Safety — Safety first is the motto of most parents — and it also guides how we design and build every single set. In addition, since every square inch of our sets are wrapped in vinyl, there is NO chance of your children getting splinters or getting cut on sharp metal edges.
  3. Lifespan — Another reason that we say our playsets are worth the money is that they are warranted for 20 years. Thanks to the high-quality construction and top-of-the-line materials, our outdoor play equipment can last for multiple generations – seriously! While wooden swing sets might fall apart into a pile of timber after a few years, our durable vinyl sets will look as new, and be as strong, as the day they were installed. When your play set provides year-after-year of fun, it’s easy to see that it is truly worth the investment. Find out how long a swing set lasts.
  4. Outdoor Play Boosts Health and Happiness — There’s more to playing outside than just having an old-fashioned good time. Children specialists have identified that time spent playing outside helps children develop into healthy adults by providing them physical exercise, emotional relaxation, creative development, and the chance to learn better social skills. When some parents wonder if playsets are worth the money, this is one of the main things that convinces them. Learn more about the 4 main benefits of outdoor play.
  5. Add to Home Value — Just like a gorgeously remodeled kitchen adds value to your home, a premium quality backyard play set can do the same for your buyer. Since our swing sets are truly built to last, they are an asset that goes along with your home when you sell it. When shopping for their dream home, a couple with young kids may see your play set and realize that your home is perfect for their own family.
  6. Able to be Upgraded as Your Kids Age — One of the last reasons that Adventure World Play Sets in particular are truly worth the money is that they can be upgraded as your kids get older. Faster slides, taller swings, and accessories aimed at older kids all mean that your backyard play set stays relevant as your kids get bigger. Read all about upgrading to a big kid swing set!

Try Our 3D Swing Set Design Center

The best swing set or play set is the one you design yourself. All of our popular swing sets can be customized with a near-endless variation of accessories, add-ons, and custom touches. In addition, you can even design a completely unique set from the ground up!

To make designing a custom play set as easy and fun as possible, we encourage you to try our 3D play set design center. Create the virtual set your kids will love — and let us build it for you!

Try Our 3D Design Center

Find Your Nearest Adventure World Play Sets Dealer

premium playsets

If you find yourself asking, “Are playsets worth the money?” — we hope we’ve helped you to make your decision. If you’re ready to get pricing on a play set and to start designing, the first step is to find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer.

We sell our custom-built products nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. Our dealers have the ability to design, price and build your set in your backyard. In addition, we recommend taking any of your questions to the nearest member of the official Adventure World Play Sets dealer network.

To get started, enter your zip code and connect with your nearby Adventure World Play Sets dealer today! See just how worth it an Adventure World Play Set will be!

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If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
12:35 10 Aug 21
Excellent customer service & assembly!
Jeannie DeCicco
Jeannie DeCicco
17:46 07 Apr 21
Love, love, love this playlet! Ultimate Outdoor Play in Mandeville LA for the purchase and installation, and they were fantastic. Call Craig and he will take care of you.
mtc nh
mtc nh
18:58 23 Mar 21
3d Design Center is amazing i was able to build a swing set without having to buy it.
Odin Fowler
Odin Fowler
18:28 17 Mar 21
Beautiful set. Professional service.
Joel Hurst
Joel Hurst
21:38 05 Dec 20
The best play sets on the market! The installers were very nice and installed it quickly as well, Kids fell in love with it, purchased the happy hideout! I give it a 2 thumbs up!
Eluterio Villanueva jr
Eluterio Villanueva jr
19:36 24 Nov 20