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Backyard Playsets for Every Yard and Budget

Hours spent swinging as high as they possibly can — or rocketing down the slide and running back around to go again. The simple joys of playing outside as a kid can’t really be replicated even with all the technology of the 21st century.

As a parent, being able to provide all of that to your kids — in your very own backyard — is a wonderful gift. You want to make sure the swing set or playset that you buy is perfect — but where do you start?

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build a huge variety of ultra-safe and super-imaginative playsets and swing sets. With all of the colorful choices, deciding on your perfect set isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, you’ll want to make your choice based on your budget and the yard space available.

No matter what set you choose, you and your kids can enjoy the legendary Amish-built quality of an Adventure World Playset – perfect for years of endless fun.

Choosing the Right Playset

From the biggest playset to the smallest, every single product carrying our name is built safe for children and backed by our no-hassle 20-year warranty.

So when we say you can’t go wrong when you pick an Adventure World Playset, we absolutely mean it. Here are some playsets we offer to help you decide what fits your yard and your budget:

Intro: Adventure Gym & Frolic Zone

These basic sets offer years of fun swinging and sliding in your backyard. Both of these sets are very popular for families with modest yards who still want to bring home a rock-solid playset. Like all Adventure World Play Sets, the Adventure Gym and Frolic Zone can be customized.

adventure gym swingset

Adventure Gym — No frills, still fun. The Adventure Gym includes two swings and a trapeze in between.
frolic zone swing set

Frolic Zone — The Frolic Zone adds a slide with the swings and trapeze of the Adventure Gym. The slide can be customized with a playset roof, a rock wall, and other climbing accessories.
Medium: Busy Basecamp & Happy Hideout

These one-story playsets upgrade on the basic Adventure World foundation by adding a full-size tower and other cool touches. These sets are similar in style to the Frolic Zone but larger and with more places for customization.

busy basecamp swingset

Busy Basecamp —The Busy Basecamp allows you to customize your set with one of three slide varieties and also climbing accessories like a fire pole, a gangplank, and a rock wall. It can also fit in most yards without too much trouble. Plus, the Busy Basecamp is a great set for kids of almost every age — learn more about how old a kid should be to swing.
happy hideout swing set

Happy Hideout — Very similar in size and layout to the Busy Basecamp, this is another set that provides big thrills with a smaller footprint. The Happy Hideout is unique thanks to the playhouse and balcony. That hideout fort is a great prop to kickstart your kids’ imagination games.
Advanced: Good Time Tower & Discovery Depot

These two-story swing sets really showcase just how imaginative and impressive Adventure World Play Sets can be. Both the Good Time Tower & Discovery Depot can be enhanced with an even wider range of playset accessories. These sets often require bigger yards and a bigger initial investment.

good time tower swing set

Good Time Tower — These epic two-story playsets have two or three covered towers, multiple slides, and a whole lot of different ways to climb. Plus, when custom designing their Good Time Tower, customers can even choose to connect their towers with crawl tubes and gangplanks.
discovery depot swing set

Discovery Depot — Like the Good Time Tower, the Discovery Depot is a big set built for imagination and features a ton of different ways to swing, slide, and play. You’ll practically have room for the whole neighborhood to play at once. Parents love to customize this set with super-size twisty slides and extra swing beams.
Jumbo: Jolly Jamboree & Imagination Station

We’ve saved the biggest for last – these jumbo sets are truly jaw-dropping. Each sprawling set comes with a boatload of exciting features and enough fun for the whole neighborhood. Not only are these the biggest and most ambitious sets we make, they are among the largest sets ANYONE makes!

imagination station swing set

Imagination Station — You want it all? Imagination Station delivers. This sprawling set showcases three different towers, a full playhouse, a bridge, crawl tube, and so much MORE! Plus you can swap out and customize almost anything you want to make this playset the fun fantasy world your kids will love. The giant size of this set requires a large backyard to fully enjoy.
jolly jamboree swing set

Jolly Jamboree — The ultimate fantasy fort, the Jolly Jamboree boasts a whopping 5 different levels to play on! In addition to the swings and glider, this set features 3 different slides — the most slides we ever offer! This extraordinary playset will turn your backyard into the destination of choice for your family and their friends!

Find an Adventure World Dealer near You

Whether your kids’ time is spent hitting the slides, swinging high, or just letting their imagination run wild, a playset is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

No matter which Adventure World Playset sparks your imagination and meets your needs, you can’t go wrong. You and your children will appreciate the outdoor fun and quality for years to come.

We sell all of our Adventure World Play Sets nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. If you want to learn more or see a set in person, find your nearest dealer!

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Our Google Reviews

We are so pleased with this purchase. Our little ones have so enjoyed this play-set. It is so very worth the price, so well-made. I look forward to having grandkids playing on it one day!
Margaret Woods
Margaret Woods
18:49 25 Aug 20
We purchased an Adventure World Vinyl play station from Back Yard Living at end of May. Unit was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Adam was very helpful with information on various units and manufacturers. We decided to go with the maintenance free all vinyl clad swing set, play station from Adventure World. Unit was professionally and thoroughly installed yesterday. This unit is extremely well built and solid. Backyard Living was a pleasure to work with and we are extremely satisfied with the product we chose and the company who provided unit and installed I would wholeheartedly recommend Back Yard living as your go to company for your children's play station!!!
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
18:15 08 Jul 20
Purchased a an Adventure World BasecampModel swingset/ play unit from Backyard Living in Richmond,MI. Adam was extremely helpful with information to help me make my decision. Unit was ordered and was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Installation was very professional and thorough. We could not be more satisfied with this completely vinyl clad unit, solidly built, great safety features. I would wholeheartedly recommend Backyard Living for your go to company for a swingset/PlayStation!! Dave Troy,MI
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
17:21 08 Jul 20
great quality and value , very professional
charlie tebele
charlie tebele
16:04 05 Jun 20
You will not be disappointed with these sets! We have had one for 11 years now, just washed it off with soap and a garden hose after winter and looks like it did when new! It might seem like quite an investment upfront but is worth it. We bought when we had our first son and now have 4 kids playing on it! Our grandkids will use this set someday. Worth every dollar we spent on it!
Mark Gingerich
Mark Gingerich
01:39 12 Apr 20
Awesome, sturdy and affordable equipment coupled with great customer service. A win win for our preschool!
Karen Bowermaster
Karen Bowermaster
18:38 19 Sep 19