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Best Age for a Kid’s Swingset

Wondering what’s the right age to buy your child their swing set or to let them swing in the park? The answer to that question is different for every child — and every swing set.

You remember how much you loved swinging as a kid — you spent hours on the playground or your backyard playset. You want your child to have the same love and the same wonderful memories that you do. You also need to be sure they’ll be old enough to enjoy their set and do it safely.

All kids are different, but children as young as six months old can safely enjoy swing sets in seats made for infants — with your close supervision. However, the beauty of Adventure World Play Sets is that as children get older, they can have more and more fun on our swing set packages.

Here’s what Adventure World Play Sets offers for children of all ages:

swing set bucket seats for children six months to a year old

Six Months to a Year Old

This is the minimum age that a child can safely use — and begin to enjoy — an Adventure World Playset. Again though, every child is different. The most important requirement, more than a specific age, is that a child needs to be able to sit upright and maintain control of their head.

For our youngest swingers, we recommend our sturdy Adventure World bucket seats. Designed for babies and toddlers, these seats have holes for the child’s legs and support for the back and torso.

While the bucket seat can keep can keep the child upright, they still require your supervision. At this age, children tend to enjoy the unique and fun feeling of sitting in the swing — even if it’s stationary.

Some children may also enjoy gentle swinging and light pushes from their parents.

swing set high baby back seats for children two years old

Two Years Old

At around two years old, children can start to enjoy our high back baby seats on the swing set. We designed these swings specifically for children in this age range. The child’s back is still supported, but their legs are free to move like on any other swing. What makes this swing safe for babies and toddlers is the seat belt and vinyl bar over the leg holes, which will keep a child from falling out of the swing.

While your children will still fit into the traditional bucket seats, many prefer the extra mobility and freedom that comes with the high back baby seat. This seat provides far more arm and leg freedom than our infant bucket seat. When using a high back baby seat, kids will start to get the idea of swinging their feet to move, as opposed to just sitting still.

regular swing seats for children four years and older

Four Years Old

This is the age when your swing set from Adventure World Play Sets starts to get really fun.

At four years old, most children can use a regular swing seat. A good rule of thumb is if a child is able to get onto the seat themselves, they can likely swing safely on their own too.

Beyond just our ultradurable construction, Adventure World Play Sets stand out because of all of the creative attachments you can use to customize your swing set. When your child gets to be age four and five, you can start to really take advantage of everything an Adventure World Playset has to offer.

While your children master the art of swinging on their own, they can also start to play on our shorter five foot slides and let their imaginations run wild in our enclosed playhouses. Plus, they’ll be at an age where they will love navigating the playset’s gangplanks and climbing the ladders.

And have fun playing with any of our accessories:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Ships Wheel
  • Binoculars
  • Periscope
  • Telescope
  • Megaphone or Even Our Hand-Crank Spotlight
mini rock wall on swing set for children six years and older

Six Years and Older

When your child is six or seven, basically the whole world of Adventure World Play Sets opens up. Not only can they freely enjoy the swings and the playhouses, they can get a kick out of some of our most fun and athletic accessories like:

  • Ladders and Gangplanks
  • A Variety of Slides (Five, Seven and Nine Feet High)
  • Twisty Turbo and Spiral Slides
  • Crawl Tubes
  • Rock Walls and Chain Ladders
  • Monkey bars
  • Rings
  • Bridges
  • Fireman’s Pole

While children can first start to enjoy these swing set accessories around the time they go to first grade, they can keep enjoying them for years to come. Adventure World Play Sets are 100% customizable, so you can continue to add new swing set features to your sets as your children get older — that way the outdoor fun never has to stop.

Adventure World Play Sets: Built Safe for Children

One thing that’s not safe for children of ANY age: wood, that will eventually splinter, or cheap, poorly made playsets — either in the backyard or at a public park.

The design and solid construction of Adventure World Play Sets vinyl sets puts your child’s safety first. Furthermore, Adventure World Play Sets are proudly made in the United States, adhering to the highest safety regulations.

  • The core of our swing sets is made of premium American pressure-treated wood and wrapped covered by heavy-duty vinyl, guaranteeing it never rots or loses strength.
  • Since all of our playsets are covered in vinyl, it means that a child will NEVER get a splinter from playing on one of our sets.
  • Our metal fasteners and attachments are powder coated to ensure they do not rust and fail.

Want to make your ultra-safe playset even safer? You can add a base of protective vinyl mulch around the set to cushion children in the event of a fall.

You now know the ages that it’s safe for a child to swing and play on a swing set. You also know the safest swing set model for your children as well — Adventure World Play Sets.

Find an Adventure World Play Sets dealer near you today.

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We are so pleased with this purchase. Our little ones have so enjoyed this play-set. It is so very worth the price, so well-made. I look forward to having grandkids playing on it one day!
Margaret Woods
Margaret Woods
18:49 25 Aug 20
We purchased an Adventure World Vinyl play station from Back Yard Living at end of May. Unit was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Adam was very helpful with information on various units and manufacturers. We decided to go with the maintenance free all vinyl clad swing set, play station from Adventure World. Unit was professionally and thoroughly installed yesterday. This unit is extremely well built and solid. Backyard Living was a pleasure to work with and we are extremely satisfied with the product we chose and the company who provided unit and installed I would wholeheartedly recommend Back Yard living as your go to company for your children's play station!!!
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
18:15 08 Jul 20
Purchased a an Adventure World BasecampModel swingset/ play unit from Backyard Living in Richmond,MI. Adam was extremely helpful with information to help me make my decision. Unit was ordered and was delivered and installed in the time frame quoted. Installation was very professional and thorough. We could not be more satisfied with this completely vinyl clad unit, solidly built, great safety features. I would wholeheartedly recommend Backyard Living for your go to company for a swingset/PlayStation!! Dave Troy,MI
Dave Lake
Dave Lake
17:21 08 Jul 20
great quality and value , very professional
charlie tebele
charlie tebele
16:04 05 Jun 20
You will not be disappointed with these sets! We have had one for 11 years now, just washed it off with soap and a garden hose after winter and looks like it did when new! It might seem like quite an investment upfront but is worth it. We bought when we had our first son and now have 4 kids playing on it! Our grandkids will use this set someday. Worth every dollar we spent on it!
Mark Gingerich
Mark Gingerich
01:39 12 Apr 20
Awesome, sturdy and affordable equipment coupled with great customer service. A win win for our preschool!
Karen Bowermaster
Karen Bowermaster
18:38 19 Sep 19