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Traits of the Best Swing Set Brands

You’re determined that your kids are going to have the very best backyard playground ever. But here’s the problem: every playset looks great in the catalog or online — but how do you know it’s well-built and fun? That’s where we can help — we’re breaking down the traits that all of the best swing set brands have.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re a leading manufacturer of vinyl play sets that are sold all across the country. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the traits to look for when shopping for a home playground to ensure that you get a set you AND your kids love!

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5 Things to Look for in Home Playground Equipment

At Adventure World Play Sets, we strive to consistently be among the very best swing set brands on the market every year. This is our smart shopper guide of the 5 traits to look for in any swing set or other home playground equipment:

  1. Built in the USA — All of the best swing set brands build their products exclusively in the USA, and this is the number one sign of quality to look for. Buying a USA-built play set ensures the highest quality materials and the best construction. Overseas builders have been known to cut corners in construction and use inferior quality materials. That’s why all Adventure World Play Sets are hand-built in Lancaster, PA by Amish craftsmen.
  2. Made of Vinyl — Old wooden sets are out — and sets made of wood surrounded by vinyl are in! Vinyl playgrounds last for decades, never need to be painted, and will never give your kids splinters. There’s no question that if you’re looking for the best, you’re only looking at vinyl. Naturally, this is ALL we use for any of our products and play set models.
  3. Backed by a Warranty — If a company doesn’t trust their products to last, then why should YOU? A key sign of a quality play set is a strong warranty. While the chances are extremely low you’ll ever need to use the warranty at all, it is a clear indication of a quality product. We back the structure of all of our sets with a 20-year warranty!
  4. Customizable — This is an important trait for two different reasons. Firstly, a play set that you and your child customize together will be tailored to the way they like to play and will be even more fun as a result. Secondly, if a set is customizable, that means the manufacturer builds them one-at-a-time, rather than in a factory by the hundreds or thousands. This is another key difference that makes us one of the best play set brands on the market. As your children grow, your playset can too by adding slides, towers, monkey bars and much more!
  5. Maintenance-Free — If any large piece of home playground equipment can be described as maintenance-free, that’s a solid sign that it is well-designed and built. In order for a product to be able to spend years in the elements without needing to be re-stained or re-painted, it needs to be expertly crafted from quality materials.

If you’re ready to stop looking around and start shopping, then you’re in the right place. We’re proud that Adventure World play sets have all five of these traits of the best swing set brands. Enter your zip code right now to be connected with your nearest dealer.

See Everything Adventure World Play Sets Offers

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While we are primarily known for our premium swing sets, we also build a wide range of other products that enhance the outdoor play experience. We craft a wide range of play set accessories that you can add onto your set either when you first buy it or as your children get older and want more fun ways to enjoy it.

In addition, we sell a truly standout kid’s playhouse — the same one that appears on all of our Happy Hideout sets. Finally, we don’t want to leave the adults out of the outdoor fun, so we build a line of grown-up seating options, including hammocks, loveseat swings, picnic tables and backyard benches.

Shop from the Best Swing Set Brand Today

If you’re ready to start shopping from one of the best swing set brands, we’d love to help. At Adventure World Play Sets, we sell all of our products through our dedicated dealer network. We recommend reaching out to one of our expert dealers to design and get a price — or help you design the home playground equipment that your children will love for years to come. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll be paired with your nearest official dealer.

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If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
21:03 25 Jan 22
We have been trying to purchase one of these play sets for months and none of the dealers in our area will call us back about purchasing one. I wish the purchasing process was easier than "find a vendor in your local area". No one here wants to build them! The Happy Hideout looks like an amazing product for my toddler to grow into. I'm sad no one will build them or call us back.Edit: The company contacted me personally and found a vendor in my area!
Charlotte Doty
Charlotte Doty
22:38 19 Jan 22
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
Ashley McGinnis
Ashley McGinnis
00:44 24 Dec 21
I am very impressed with the quality of the swing sets.
Ryan Logan
Ryan Logan
22:19 17 Dec 21
Loved the 3D version of the playset. It came way before expected to take to ship. The colors are brights and vibrant. Everything is super sturdy and well constructed. My child is super excited and will be very happy for many years to come.
Kayson John
Kayson John
16:36 22 Oct 21
Excellent customer service & assembly!
Jeannie DeCicco
Jeannie DeCicco
17:46 07 Apr 21