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Choosing Your Playset or Swing Set Colors

The beauty of an Adventure World playset is that everything about it can be customized for your children — from the swings and slides, to the playset accessories, and even the vibrant color scheme. When you partner with Adventure World Play Sets, you have access to a whole spectrum of swing set colors to choose from!

See some of our most popular playset colors — and learn about how some homeowners match their playsets to their home color schemes.

Swing Set Color Options

Imagination, wonder, and excitement — that’s what your Adventure World playset says to your kids. Every piece of equipment and every accessory is meant to be played on — and every swing set color scheme is meant to pop.

Here’s a list of all of the colors you can use for your playset base and accents:

playset with color options
Playset color options:
  • White
  • Off-White
  • Clay
  • Wood Grain-Brown Vinyl
playset accessory color options
Accessory color options:
  • Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black

Keep in mind, not every accessory is available in every color. Speak to your dealer or use the design center to see your exact options.

Try Our 3D Design Center

Most Popular Swing Set Color Choices

You can check out our 3D Design Center to create a custom-built, custom-color playset or swing set. However, if you want to see some sets that are already loved by thousands of families, explore some of the most-popular swing set color schemes that we’ve built for children and families across the country.

bright white and blue swing set
Bright White and Blue

This is absolutely one of the best-looking, most popular swing set color schemes we’ve ever put together. The deep blue and bright white play well off each other, making for an exciting color contrast that you’ll love for years. The swing beams and playset frame are cast in the bright white vinyl sheath, while the slides, swings, playhouse roofs, and accents are a complementary shade of bright blue.

off-white, red, and yellow playset
Off-White, Red, and Yellow 

This is a great color scheme for complicated sets with a ton of different features. In this style, the off-white serves as the base color, while the red and yellow are used for the different accents and accessories. Primarily the red is used as the contrast color on the beams and playhouses, while the yellow is a blast of color on the slides and swing seats.

off-white and green swing set
Off-White and Green

Another classic look for both big and small sets, off-white and dark green is one of the nation’s most popular swing set color patterns. In this look, the off-white is used as the base color, while the dark green completes the look on the slides, swing set roof, and tower rails.

wood finish and wood grain playset
Wood Grain Brown Vinyl

If you love the rustic look of a wooden playset but want the quality of vinyl, this is the swing set color for you. Our faux-wooden exterior features the look and real-grain feel of a wooden playset, built using our high-quality vinyl. Our wooden-style sets are often accessorized with brown roofs and dark green slides and swings for a natural, treehouse look.

Learn what wooden playset manufacturers DON’T tell you.

Matching Your Playset to Your Home

Another way that homeowners decide on the color scheme for their playsets is by matching it to their houses. After all, your Adventure World Playset has a long lifespan and will be a permanent fixture in your backyard décor.

One of the most popular ways to connect the color of your playset to your home is by matching the vinyl color to your home siding color. For example, if your house has a white vinyl siding exterior, it matches well with our bright white and blue color scheme. However, if you have a tan house, our clay-colored playset or an off-white playset may be a better match.

Another way to merge the style of your house with that of your playset is by matching the trimming of your windows or dormers with the playset accessory color. So, if you have a house with red trim, you might prefer a playset with red trim as well.

Find Your Adventure World Playset

Whether you’ve designed the ideal playset for your children down to the color scheme or you’re still in the initial planning stages, your first step is to find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer. We exclusively sell our custom playsets through our nationwide dealer network.

Your Adventure World dealer can answer all of your questions, help you customize your design, and ultimately help you bring home your ideal playset. Find your nearest dealer and get started.

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