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Huge Swing Sets that You’ll Love

A jumbo-sized playset provides the most ways for your children to play and ensures that everyone is included! However, finding truly huge swing sets for your backyard can be tough. At Adventure World Play Sets, huge backyard playgrounds are one of our specialties.

In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our most popular models of large sets and explaining what makes them unique. At Adventure World Play Sets, we build a wide range of swing sets and playsets that range from the modest to the massive! Keep reading to see our most popular huge swing set models that we build across the country and find the one that’s right for your family! In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our most popular models of large sets and explaining what makes them unique.

5 Favorite Huge Backyard Playgrounds

You’re a believer in the phrase “go big or go home”. While some families prefer a nice, small swing set to play on, you like huge backyard playgrounds — big and exciting enough to even put the local park to shame! These are the five places we recommend you start looking for huge backyard playgrounds:

huge jolly jamboree swing set

Jolly Jamboree

This Jolly Jamboree playset is designed to put a smile on everyone’s face — young and old alike. You’ll notice that this jumbo playset has different levels with lots of ways to climb between them. Those different levels are home to different slides and numerous fun climbing accessories. Plus, the extra-long swing arms mean that four kids can swing all at once!

huge imagination station backyard playground

Imagination Station

You’d expect to see a playset this big in a park somewhere, but you can actually bring it home to your own backyard! One of our most sprawling pieces, this set has three distinct zones connected by a bridge and a connector tube. Plus, this set features three slides, four swings, and our famous Happy Hideout playhouse! While some of our huge backyard playgrounds may have more slides or taller towers, NO set is better for running around than the Imagination Station!

huge fantasy fortress backyard playground

Fantasy Fortress

One of our personal favorites of ALL of the huge swing sets we build, the Fantasy Fortress is designed for big imaginations and high-energy fun. While this large model doesn’t come with any swings, it more than makes up for it thanks to the four high-speed slides coming from the three tall towers. Like the name suggests, this playset has strong backyard fort vibes!

huge discovery depot backyard playground

Discovery Depot

The Discovery Depot is jam-packed with opportunities for the heart-pumping outdoor excitement that kids love. This set offers two tall towers separated by a bridge, two fast slides, and a rock wall. While the Discover Depot has three great swings for kids, it also keeps parents included with a great adult loveseat!

huge custom swing set

Custom Sets

While all four of those models are some of our most popular standard options for huge background playsets, with us, you always have the opportunity to build something custom. This huge 90-foot-long swing set was built 100% custom from the ground up! One of the biggest playsets we’ve ever built, this dream-come-true playground features seven different slides and seven different swings — plus, tons of towers and many of our favorite accessories!

Get Started with Our 3D Design Center

Parents with big imaginations and huge backyard playground ambitions find that our 3D design center is the perfect tool for them! We built this design software to put you in the driver’s seat when imagining and virtually creating the playsets your kids will love! Our software allows you to place towers, set up swings, add slides, and connect it all together. Even better, once you’re finished digitally designing your set, you can submit it to your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer for a quote.

Try Our 3D Design Center

Find Your Dealer & Get Your Huge Swing Set Quote

This huge swing set is going to be like NOTHING you or your kids have ever seen before! Count on it to provide the whole family countless hours of fun for years to come. Once you’re ready to get started, our teams are here to help. The first step to bring home an Adventure World Play Set is to find your nearest dealer. We sell our sets nationwide through our dedicated dealer network — so, simply enter your zip code at the top of this page to be paired with a dealer who can give you a price to build your dream set!

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Love, love, love this playlet! Ultimate Outdoor Play in Mandeville LA for the purchase and installation, and they were fantastic. Call Craig and he will take care of you.
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3d Design Center is amazing i was able to build a swing set without having to buy it.
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Beautiful set. Professional service.
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Joel Hurst
21:38 05 Dec 20
The best play sets on the market! The installers were very nice and installed it quickly as well, Kids fell in love with it, purchased the happy hideout! I give it a 2 thumbs up!
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