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Find the Best Playset for a Small Yard

A small-ish yard doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy the high-energy thrills of a playset right out back! You just need to shop around for the perfect set that brings all of the excitement in a compact package. These are a few of our picks for a playset for a small yard!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build deluxe vinyl playsets for kids that come in all shapes and sizes, with countless add-ons. So, whether you have several sprawling acres of backyard or a smaller outdoor space, we guarantee that we have a small backyard swing set that will be perfect for you. Check out four of our favorite playsets for a small yard — and remember, we can always custom-build a set to your exact specifications!

Our Picks for Small Backyard Swing Sets

Sure, you have a limited amount of space, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for a set with limited fun and limited features. All of our favorite small backyard swing sets have towers, slides, accessories, and so much more!

giggle junction ga55-2 playset for a small yard
Giggle-Junction GA55-2

This version of our popular Giggle-Junction swing set model might be the best playset for a small yard ever! Coming in at just 16’ X 12’, the Giggle-Junction includes a full tower, two swings, a rock wall, and a slide. The innovative design of this set splits the swing beams on either side of the tower.

busy basecamp b44-6 small backyard swing set
Busy Basecamp B44-6

Coming in at just 15’ X 18’, this traditional set can fit in almost ANY yard. This small backyard swing set features a full tower, two swings, a trapeze ring, a rock wall, and a sandbox. By arranging all of those super fun add-ons around the tower, you keep the playset footprint fairly small, while having tons of different ways to play.

Learn more about the yard requirements for a playset.

happy hideout h68-2 playset for a small yard
Happy Hideout H68-2

A very similar set to the Busy Basecamp, this Happy Hideout stands out thanks to its full playhouse. The sandbox on this set is even larger than on the Busy Basecamp as well. Measuring at 16’ X 17’, this is one of our most decked-out small backyard swing sets. You can also buy the deluxe playhouse on its own, too!

frolic zone fa33-2 small backyard swing set
Frolic Zone FA33-2

This back-to-basics playset for a small yard is very compact and convenient, yet it still ensures your kids have the essentials all children crave when playing outside. At just 14’ X 14’, this set includes two swings, an open tower, trapeze rings, and a slide.

And, of course, our incredible all vinyl playhouse, seen on the Happy Hideout, is an option even for the smallest of yards! Measuring just 6 feet by 5 feet with 3 double hung windows with screens and a front porch with a door to the inside, what more could your child ask for!

Those are just a few of our most popular models and a great place to start when looking for small backyard swing sets. However, with Adventure World Play Sets, this is just the tip of the iceberg because we give you full access to designing your own custom set!

Design Your Own Playset

Since we know that every yard and every kid are completely different, we always give our customers the ability to design their own unique sets completely from the ground up. This lets you control every single part of the design —including the size— so even if you can’t find the best playset for your small yard, you can design it yourself. Plus, you can check the dimensions of your set at any time in the design center.

Thanks to our new 3D design center, we make it even easier to custom-design the set your kids will love for years to come. All of the power is in your hands with our fully-interactive, easy-to-use design center. Try it today!

Try Our 3D Design Center

Order a Playset for a Small Yard from Your Local Dealer

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that a playset for a small yard can truly be a ton of fun. Once you’re ready to get started building the swing set of your kids’ dreams, we’re ready to help. While tons of homeowners like designing their sets using the design center, our expert dealers are also here to help with any questions you have.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we sell our products nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. Your nearest dealer can help you custom-design your set and give you a FREE quote. Enter your zip code now to be connected with your local dealer!

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