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14 Swing Set Accessories Your Kids Will Love

Swing set accessories are the WOW FACTOR that take an already awesome set to the next level! Playset accessories come in so many varieties, from extra games built into your set, to imagination accessories and exciting new ways to swing and climb!

Whether you’re shopping for the playset your kids are going to cherish for years to come, or you’re a returning Adventure World customer — these are the 14 hottest swing set accessories!

Swing Set Accessories from Adventure World Play Sets

When you’re shopping for your brand-new Adventure World Playset, you can take inspiration from our massive catalog of custom set models and add-ons to include in your playset. However, Adventure World Play Sets can also be customized after they’re finished to make them even better than ever!

Here are the swing set accessories that amp up the fun and kickstart the imagination:

tic tac toe on playset

1. Tic Tac Toe
The classic game built right into your playset. This popular swing set accessory lets kids take a break from running around to play tic tac toe — no pencil and paper required.

twisty slide playset accessory

2. Twisty Slide
One of the most popular things to upgrade as your kids get older is the slide. While a straight 5 foot or 7 foot slide is a blast for young kids, as they get older, they want more. Our twisty slide is a popular accessory for playsets of all sizes. Learn more about the right sets for kids of every age.

lemonade stand playset accessory

3. Lemonade Stand
A definite favorite, this lemonade stand playset accessory fits below the main tower and includes the lemonade bar and two vinyl stools. Bring your own lemonade.

covered sandbox for backyard

4. Sandbox
The Adventure World covered sandbox is a great addition to your playset. Often placed under the tallest tower, the sandbox allows your kids to dig, build and play while enjoying the shade.

swing set horse glider

5. Horse Glider
Great for parents and kids playing together. This two-person accessory adds another fun way to enjoy your Adventure World Playset. Read more about playing with your kids outside.

trapeze rings playset accessory

6. Trapeze Rings
A great accessory for older children, this Adventure World accessory lets kids have a blast swinging from ring to ring.

rock wall on playset

7. Rock Walls
Rock walls let kids play and imagine at the same time. Our sturdy vinyl rock wall turns your kids into mountain climbers, while introducing them to the world of rock climbing.

chain ladder playset accessory

8. Chain Ladders
Often sitting side-by-side with our rock wall, chain ladders are another great choice in our catalog of playset accessories for older children.

tire swing on playset

9. Tire Swing
The best add-on to an epic swing set? More swings. Bring the country fun of a tire swing to your playset with this sturdy add-on from Adventure World Play Sets.

fireman's pole swing set accessory

10. Fireman’s Pole
Another classic one of our swing set accessories, a fireman’s pole is a blast, whether your kids imagine they’re rushing off to a four-alarm fire or are just playing around.

Mini Playset Accessories

1. Crank Spotlight
Kids love toys that do unexpected things! One of our most interesting playset add-ons is a crank spotlight. Crank the side and this spotlight really shines. Kids will get a kick out of it — and be fascinated by how it works.

2. Periscope
Looking into our working periscope lets kids feel like they’re on a real submarine. Plus, this nifty playset accessory can even segue into a lesson about science.

3. Ship’s Wheel
Sometimes the most memorable, most fun days come from using your imagination. This simple swing set accessory is great for kid’s who want to take the helm of a pirate ship!

4. Steering Wheel
On the other hand, some kids would rather burn rubber as race car drivers. This is the imagination accessory for them.

Safe, American-Made Playsets

Safety is the guiding principle behind every single Adventure World Playset and playset accessory. We build our sets to ensure that your children are completely safe when swinging, playing, and climbing on your set.

We ensure the safety of our products in two ways. One, is the superior Amish craftsmanship resulting in sturdy sets to handle years of play. Second, is our superior materials — we only use the best materials to ensure that our sets provide the safety and durability that parents expect.

Read more to learn about how to tell a safe playset from a subpar one.

Swing Set Accessories from Your Adventure World Dealer

Interested in buying your very own Adventure World Playset — or are you looking to take your playset to the next level?

Adventure World Play Sets and our swing set accessories are sold nationwide through our network of dealers. If you want to start the conversation or start shopping, find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer right now!

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