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What is the Best Material to put Under a Swing Set?

As a parent, it’s always safety first. Not only do you want to buy a sturdy and safe set for your kids to enjoy, but you want to outfit it with the best ground cover possible, too. That’s why a common question we hear is, “What is the best material to put under a swing set?” We always say vinyl mulch (also called rubber mulch) is the best material for playground surfaces as it is the safest, the most attractive-looking, and is easy to maintain.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re known for building ultra-safe, super-fun vinyl swing sets that kids love! In addition to building swing sets and playsets, we also offer our line of vinyl playground mulch to complete them. Learn more about what makes for the best material to put under a swing set — and place your order today!

best material for playground surfaces

Vinyl Mulch: The Best Material for Playground Surfaces

There are two main answers to the question, “What is the best material to put under a swing set?” — wooden mulch or rubber mulch. First and foremost, we count our vinyl mulch as the best material for playground surfaces because it is the safest. However, there are numerous other advantages that make it a winner, too — check it out:

  1. Superior Fall Protection — This is the main reason vinyl mulch is the best material for playground surfaces and why you’ll see it more and more often in backyards and parks. In studies comparing vinyl and wooden mulch, vinyl was shown to offer fall protection from more than double the height. In addition, rubber mulch has been rated to offer protection from a height of up to 12 feet! No other material comes anywhere close to matching this.
  2. No Risk of Splinters — One of the other key safety advantages that rubber mulch offers compared to wood is the guarantee that your child won’t ever get splinters. Wooden mulch is notorious for causing splinters in the hands and feet of young children. In fact, preventing splinters during play is one of the many reasons we wrap our sets in a thick vinyl sheath. Bottom line: wooden playsets aren’t the safest, and neither is wood mulch.

    Discover more of the downsides of wooden playsets.
  3. Looks Stylish — While enhancing your backyard décor isn’t the main motivation behind building an awesome backyard playset, extra style never hurts. Adventure World Play Sets’ vinyl mulch comes in a wide range of vibrant colors (including blue, teal, maroon, and more!) that match beautifully with the set itself. The style bonus is just another reason vinyl earns its position as the best material for playground surfaces.
  4. No Mold Problems — Just like mold can be an issue for wooden sets, it proves to be an issue for wooden mulch, too. After months in the elements, it’s only natural that mold will begin to grow amidst the densely layered woods. Vinyl on the other hand — whether it’s a full set or mulch — is 100% impervious to rot and mold, so it stays safe for your kids.

    Learn more about building a safe and fun backyard playground for your kids!
  5. Never Needs to be Replaced — We can assume that the last things you want are another yearly expense and another outdoor chore. The final upside of rubber mulch is that you’ll never need to replace it. While high-quality vinyl mulch lasts for decades, wooden mulch needs to be removed and replaced every year. While wood chips are not particularly expensive, the cost will add up over time and you’ll certainly get tired of replacing it every year.

    See more of our rubber mulch right here.

Safety-First Playsets

safety first playset

We make it our mission to care about safety as much as the parents who buy our sets. That’s why we build high-quality sets with safety features built right in. These are just some of the things that make our sets different:

  • Coated in vinyl to prevent mold and splinters
  • Rubber-sheathed swing chains for pinch-free swinging
  • Towers and ramps come with non-slip steps and safety rails
  • Two ground anchors for every swing beam for added stability

Learn more about our quality features.

Order Your Set and the Best Material to Put Under It

Vinyl mulch is the definite answer to the question, “What is the best material to put under a swing set?” It’s the safest choice, the easiest-to-own, and even looks the best in your yard. If you’re ready to place your order for rubber mulch or you want to start designing your own set, you’re in the right place.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we sell our sets and materials nationwide through our dedicated dealer network. To find the dealer that serves your area, enter your zip code right here!

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