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What Your Child’s Special Needs Swing Set Should Include

special needs outdoor swing set

At Adventure World Play Sets, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the fun of outdoor play. That’s why we are proud to build custom special needs swing sets so that as many children as possible have the opportunity to swing, slide, and enjoy their own playset.

When trying to find a playset or swing set for a special needs child, you want to know that they will be able to safely and fully enjoy the set. We’re proud of our work building exciting special needs swing sets and playsets — and we want to show you some of the custom sets that are available for you and your child. If you have a question about a particular need, find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer and ask — chances are if you need it, our craftsmen can make it happen.

Special Needs Outdoor Swing Set and Playset Possibilities

The focus on safety, quality, and outdoor fun that is our hallmark can be seen in all of our playset options. While these are not all of the custom possibilities we can build, these are a few of the most common for your special needs outdoor swing set or playset:

Wheelchair Swing

This feature allows children in wheelchairs to enjoy swinging right alongside their friends. The wheelchair swing features a platform on which the wheelchair can be secured. The heavy-duty chains anchor the wheelchair legs or wheels.

Once safely in place, the swing works just like any other, with a parent or loved one putting the motion into the swing. Another great thing about these special needs swings is that they can sit alongside traditional style swings — for true side-by-side swinging fun. Since the wheel chair swing takes up 2 swing spots, you’ll need at least a 3-position swing beam to make this an option.

playset wheelchair swing

Side-By-Side Slides

We also wanted to find a way to make the slides on a special needs swing set or playset tons of fun as well — while still being safe and accessible. To accomplish that, we built side-by-side slides so that a parent can go down the slide at the same time as their child. As a bonus, everyone loves more slides, so all of the kids will absolutely LOVE this!

See all of our playset slides.

Special Needs Playset Ramp

The tall towers of Adventure World Play Sets are one of the most popular parts that ALL kids love. When thinking about playsets and swings for a special needs child, we knew we had to make the tower a part of them.

This playset ramp and deck were also designed for a child using a wheelchair to make the tower accessible — it is built larger and with handrails to make it wheelchair accessible. On the tower deck itself, we added polywood flooring for extra grip and maximum safety.

Learn more about what makes our playsets safe.

special needs playset ramp

These are just a few of the ways we’ve made our outdoor playsets special needs-friendly. We’re always willing to research new options and new ways to bring Adventure World Play Sets to every child. If you have a question about whether or not something is possible, reach out to us!

Why Adventure World Play Sets Builds Accessible Sets

The short answer is because we believe in the value of outdoor fun, and also because we care. Since we individually hand craft all of our swing sets, we can build playsets and swing sets to meet the unique needs of children.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we always strive to build the custom sets that our customers request. When a customer asked if we could build something unique for their child with special needs, our answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes!” We did some research and built their child’s dream-come-true playset. After this, we found there was more and more interest in our first model and other special needs outdoor swing sets and playsets.

Find Your Nearest Dealer for Special Needs Swing Sets
swing set for special needs child

Whether you’re buying a special needs swing set or one of our other popular swing set packages, your perfect Adventure World Playset starts with finding your nearest dealer.

We sell our playsets nationwide through our dedicated dealer network. Our dealers have ample experience designing custom playsets and will be more than happy to work with you.

Enter your zip code to find your dealer — and get started today!

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