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Where to Buy Outdoor Playsets and Swing Sets

In today’s day and age, you can buy outdoor playsets in about as many places as you can buy K-cups. But here’s the question: should you?

From our experience, you can tell quite a bit about a playset’s quality based on where it’s sold. Chances are a quality outdoor playset dealer won’t stake their reputation on an inferior product. However, if you buy a swing set at a big box store, you can expect to purchase a generic and substandard product.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re dedicated to ultra-safe and premium-quality playsets and swing sets. That’s why we answer the question, “Where to buy outdoor playsets?” with, “From our Dealer Network”. We’re breaking down all of the different places to buy outdoor playsets — and what you can expect.

where to buy swing sets

Playset Dealers to Choose From

We can’t 100% guarantee the quality of a playset at any store (except for at our own AMAZING dealers), but this is what we’ve learned and seen from our long history building children’s play equipment. Here’s where to buy outdoor playsets and swing sets — and what you can expect when you do.

Big Box or Department Stores

The stores that sell anything and everything also sometimes have swing sets or playsets for sale. The sets you’ll find at brand name stores are most often there because they come at a bottom-of-the-barrel price — and can be an impulse buy for parents who haven’t done their research. In our experience, big box stores only sell wooden playsets — and fairly small ones at that. Even though the price is micro-sized, getting your money’s worth will still be a challenge! Learn more about cheap wooden playset downsides.


One of the riskiest places to buy a swing set or a playset is directly from a website. While doing your research online is a great place to start, buying online without ever seeing the set can pose some issues. First of all, you can’t confirm that you are comfortable with the playset quality and safety features for your children. Cheap online sets often use inferior quality Chinese cedar, non-stainless steel brackets and fabric that molds easily. In addition, there are some online playset scams targeting parents looking to buy a playset on the cheap — learn more about how to identify and avoid these scams.

Wholesale Stores

The same stores that sell 20-pound bags of dog food occasionally carry lines of outdoor play equipment. Once again, you’ll probably mostly find a variety of wooden playset and swing set brands that your kids will run through quickly. In addition to likely not having any guarantee of quality from the playset manufacturer or the store, the wholesale club won’t build the set in your backyard.

Adventure World Play Sets Dealers

What can you expect from our Adventure World Play Sets dealer network? A wide selection of premium Adventure World Play Sets products, a knowledgeable team to help you find the right one for your family, and the ability to customize your own set. That’s right — our dealers don’t just sell our products, they are experts in them as well. Plus, the dealer you buy from can also install your set, ensuring it’s safe and saving you the hassle of building it!

Customize Your Playset with Your Nearest Dealer

One of the reasons we hear time and time again that our customers are so glad they picked Adventure World Play Sets is that they are pleased with the quality and that we encourage customization. When you buy from a sell-it-all store, your only options are whatever they have in-store on the sales floor. When you work with one of our dealers, you can switch accessories or add extra features and accessories that your kids will love — or design a completely custom set from the ground up. To make designing easier for our dealers and our customers, we created our 3D playset design center — check it out now!

Try Our 3D Design Center

Find Where to Buy Outdoor Playsets near You

One more thing to love about our standout dealer network — they’re everywhere! When you’re looking for where to buy swing sets or outdoor playsets, all you need to do is find a trusted dealer near you.

Not only will you have a fantastic experience shopping for and designing your new set, but you’ll be able to trust that your kids will be playing on the safest playset on the market!

Find your nearest dealer today — enter your zip code and start the fun!

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If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
12:35 10 Aug 21
Excellent customer service & assembly!
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Jeannie DeCicco
17:46 07 Apr 21
Love, love, love this playlet! Ultimate Outdoor Play in Mandeville LA for the purchase and installation, and they were fantastic. Call Craig and he will take care of you.
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mtc nh
18:58 23 Mar 21
3d Design Center is amazing i was able to build a swing set without having to buy it.
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Odin Fowler
18:28 17 Mar 21
Beautiful set. Professional service.
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Joel Hurst
21:38 05 Dec 20
The best play sets on the market! The installers were very nice and installed it quickly as well, Kids fell in love with it, purchased the happy hideout! I give it a 2 thumbs up!
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Eluterio Villanueva jr
19:36 24 Nov 20