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Yard Requirements for a Playset or Swing Set

No question about it, adding a new playset to your backyard is an exciting proposition. Your kids can’t wait to run, slide, swing, and romp — and chances are you share their enthusiasm. However, you need to make sure that your outdoor space meets the yard requirements for the Adventure World playset you want.

Both yard size and yard obstacles can limit your ability to install the set you want. In fact, installing a set that doesn’t fit your yard space can actually be a safety hazard to the children using the swing set or playset. That’s why working with a knowledgeable playset dealer and ensuring your yard meets the requirements are so crucial.

Learn more about the most important yard requirements for a playset and see our best model for small yards.

5 Basic Playset Yard Requirements

These are basic but crucial yard requirements to make sure your space is right for an epic Adventure World Playset. However, since every yard is different, your dealer or installer may have additional recommendations for safe installation.

  1. Yard Space for Playset Footprint  Whether you design the set yourself or buy one of our popular playset or swing set models, every Adventure World playset has a square footage requirement, called a footprint. The footprints on our standard models range from 10’ X 11’ for our Adventure Gym all the way up to 30’ X 41’ for the Imagination Station. However, we’ve built custom sets that are EVEN BIGGER than the jumbo Imagination Station. Check out our catalog or ask your dealer to learn more about playset footprints.
  2. Room for Kids to Run around the Set While the footprint of a playset shows the minimum amount of space it takes up, you’ll actually need more room to accommodate your children running around the set. We always recommend having an additional buffer of space in addition to the required footprint. Many homeowners like to add a base of protective mulch around their sets. Learn more about wooden and rubber mulch.
  3. No Yard Installation Obstacles  In addition to ensuring that you have the right space in your yard, you also need to have a space that’s free of obstacles. Certain obstacles can prevent the installation, or even worse, can possibly injure swingers if installed in an improper space. Some of the most common yard obstacles we see are:

    • Trees
    • Rocks
    • Sheds
    • Flowerbeds/gardens
    • Fences
    • Decks

    That’s why we always want to see swing sets installed on an empty yard. Work with the experienced Adventure World team to design a playset that fits your yard and works around the obstacles.

  4. Level Ground  An Adventure World playset requires level ground in order to be sturdy and safe for your children. The base of the playset tower requires the most even ground in order to be stable. If your yard is uneven, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an exciting Adventure World playset, it just means you may need some minor excavating work — some of our clients even rent a Bobcat and take care of it themselves!
  5. No Other Hazards (Wires, Utility Poles, Water, or Drop-Offs) Swing set safety is of paramount importance to you and to Adventure World Play Sets. That’s why our final yard requirement is to ensure there are no other hazards in the potential play area. You don’t want to have to be vigilant, looking out for possible dangers when your kids are playing. That’s why it’s advisable to have your set nowhere near one of these hazards. The most common hazard we warn against are:

    • Utility poles
    • Hanging wires
    • Creeks or ponds
    • Sudden drop-offs

Best Adventure World Playset for Small Yards

Whether your yard is too small to accommodate a large set or there are too many obstacles or hazards you’re building around, you CAN get all of the excitement of an Adventure World playset with a compact footprint!

We recommend the Giggle Junction (package # GA55-2):

  • Footprint is 16’ X 12’
  • Smallest set with a full tower
  • Comes with a rock wall, a slide, and 2 swings

Learn more about finding the perfect swing set or playset for your kids!

playset for small yard

Find the Adventure World Play Sets Dealer near You

Ready to take the next step in bringing home your Adventure World playset? We sell our playsets nationwide through our dedicated dealer network.

If you’re ready to start shopping or want to get more information, find your nearest dealer!

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