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Do Play Sets Add Value to Your Home?

Buying a quality play set that your kids will enjoy for years to come is as much an investment in your home as it is buying a sure-to-be beloved present. That’s why potential customers often ask us, “Do play sets add value to your home?”

From our experience, a well-built swing set or play set will absolutely add resale value to your home — and can even make your house a must-buy for the right person. Of course, lots more homeowners want to take their sets with them when they move.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we hand-build the best vinyl swing sets and sell them across the country. We’re exploring this topic because it’s a common question we hear — and because we know that before you make any big financial decision, you want to make sure it’s a smart one.

In this blog we’re giving you more information on why a swing set raises property value as well as how to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of your backyard play set.

swing set adding value to home

Why a Swing Set Raises Property Value

One of the other reasons that we wanted to explore this topic is because there is a popular misconception that having a play set can make your house harder to sell. This is simply not true — if you have a premium play set or swing set, it will absolutely raise your property value.

One of the main reasons that a play set adds value to your home is that it can make your home extra-appealing to the right buyer. Oftentimes, young families with growing children are some of the most common house hunters, and having a gorgeous play set in your backyard sweetens the deal.

Another reason that an Adventure World Play Sets model in particular raises property value is because of the long lifespan. Our sets last for decades without rotting, fading, or needing repairs — which makes this home upgrade (and the value) just as permanent as building a deck or a pergola onto your home.

Learn more about how long a swing set lasts.

swing set raising home property value

One other reason that a premium play set is always a good buy and can raise your home value is that if need be, it can always be resold to get some money back.

While you’ll likely need a professional’s help, if you can find a buyer, there will be a market for a resold vinyl swing set that looks just as good as when it was new.

It’s true that a well-built play set in great shape will certainly raise home value to the right buyer, however, a broken down wooden play set may be something of an eyesore that could give a homebuyer pause. If that’s the case, we have some key info — learn how to remove a wooden playset.

How to Ensure Your Set Raises Re-Sale Value

So there’s no question that the right play set boosts your home value — but how do you make sure you have the right set? Great question, we can help — follow these guidelines:

  1. Make Sure the Play Set is Built with Vinyl — Vinyl is the deluxe swing set material without a doubt. While wooden sets rot and metal sets rust, vinyl is completely resistant to the elements without requiring yearly maintenance. Plus, vinyl sets are guaranteed to never give young hands splinters or cuts like wood or metal sets might.
  2. Make Sure the Set is Custom-Built by Hand — Generally, quality play sets are built by craftsmen one at a time, not in massive factories. Another sign of quality is if the set was built in the USA — which all of our sets are!
  3. Make Sure the Set is Backed by an Honest Warranty — A real, no-hassle warranty is a sign of a good product no matter what you’re buying — even a swing set. A set that will last for decades has a warranty to back it up, while a cheap set that will fall apart in a few years won’t have a warranty at all. All Adventure World Play Sets come with a 20-year warranty on the structure of the set. Plus, all the swing set attachments are warranted for years!

Find Your Nearest Adventure World Play Sets Dealer

Not only do you have the answer to the question, “Do play sets add value to your home?” but you know why, too. At Adventure World Play Sets, we build the deluxe-quality swing sets that will raise your home’s resale value.

If you’re ready to start shopping for your very own Adventure World Play Set, we recommend exploring our most popular swing sets. All of our sets are fully customizable with the accessories and add-ons your kids will love. Once you’re ready to start shopping, enter your zip code to be connected with your nearest official Adventure World dealer!

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