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DIY Swing Set & Playset Removal

Is that old playset in your backyard closer to becoming an eyesore than being eye-catching? Chances are, you’d like nothing more than to get rid of it. More importantly, if your swing set is no longer safe for your kids, it absolutely has to go. However, playset and swing set removal is easier said than done. Figuring out how to disassemble a wooden swing set can prove to be quite the challenge, but fortunately, we’ve got your back.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build premium vinyl playsets — and we have a long track record of replacing wooden ones that are falling apart. While our sets are famous for having 20+ year lifespans, most don’t. We’re more than happy to help teach you all about DIY swing set removal and introduce you to our line of high-end, maintenance-free vinyl playsets.

How to Disassemble a Wooden Swing Set

Even though your wooden playset or swing set may be falling apart at the seams, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to pull apart. Playset removal will take you at least a whole afternoon and definitely requires the right tools and a friend to help.

Please note: Keep young children away from this project as nails, splinters and falling pieces could pose a danger to them.

Learn what wooden playset manufacturers don’t tell you.

While your swing set will determine the exact steps you’ll take, here’s how to disassemble a swing set:

  1. Plan Your Disposal — Before you start the swing set removal, you need to know what you’re going to do with it after it’s torn down. The only thing worse than having a rotting swing set in your yard is a rotting pile of timber. Most homeowners have success contacting a landfill or their townships to arrange a drop off.
  2. Remove Slides, Swings, and Accessories — Before you start tearing down the frame, you want to remove as many extra pieces as possible. Unscrew the slide from the playhouse deck and climb up on a ladder to remove the swings themselves. Remove the roof and any other accessories in the same way. The more extras you remove ahead of time, the simpler it will be to take apart the structure. See some of our favorite high-quality playset accessories.
  3. Take Down the Swing Beam — Climb back up on the ladder and remove the brackets or screws that keep the swing beam in place. When these are gone, the main swing beam should fall to the ground. After the main beam is down, unscrew and break apart the rest of the swing frame. Make sure not to lean the ladder against the swing beam for support.
  4. Prep the Playhouse for Deconstruction — The next big step to tackle as part of your playset removal is the playhouse and the playhouse deck. These large, often solid parts of the set can prove to be a serious challenge. The first step we recommend is to unscrew or knock loose the railings or walls. Depending on the level of rot and mold on your set, it may be easier to simply saw through or knock down the walls and posts rather than unscrew them.
  5. Break Up the Playhouse Deck — The playhouse deck is often one of the heaviest pieces of wood on the entire set. When you’ve removed everything else, you’ll want to saw the deck into more manageable pieces. This is one of the most labor-intensive parts of playset or swing set removal.
  6. Take Apart the Structure — Once you’ve completed steps 1 through 5, you’ll be left with just the playset or swing set frame. This is the final piece of the swing set removal process — but it can take the longest amount of time depending on the size of your set. At this point, you’ll want to remove every single lag screw, nut, bolt, or bracket that keeps the structure upright. Once again, if your wooden set has started to rot extensively, your job will be much easier.

Staying Safe While Removing a Playset

Now you know how to dissemble a wooden playset like a pro, but that doesn’t mean you can take it easy. Just like with enjoying a playset, it’s absolutely safety-first during the swing set removal process.

The main dangers to watch out for include splintering wood, rusty nails, and breathing in the mold from extremely old sets.

Use caution around nails and other metal fasteners and wear thick gloves throughout the entire process. If you have a respiratory condition which makes you susceptible to mold, you may need to hire some help.

rusty nails on wood swing set

High-End Maintenance Free Playsets

maintenance free playset

While almost all wooden swing sets or playsets will decay over time and no longer be safe for your children, you have options. More and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade from outdated wooden sets to stunning and ultra-safe vinyl sets.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we only build premium vinyl playsets designed for decades of enjoyment. See some of our most-beloved swing sets that are available — and find your nearest dealer to learn more about bringing a forever playset to your backyard.

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Steven Rice
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