Custom Playsets Delaware

Kids love outdoor playsets, and their parents love watching them get the exercise they need. If you are adding a backyard playset, one of the things to consider is how the design allows for customizing the shape and setup of the equipment. Adventure World offers some of the most exciting custom playsets in DE, built from sturdy materials and designed to last for years and years.

Customized Outdoor Fun

Every home improvement store location carries kids swing sets and backyard jungle gyms. However, few of these designs allow for complete build-from-scratch. Most of the models available do not even have add-on feature capability. Before purchasing a backyard swing set or outdoor gym package for the kids, check out the incredible variety of combos from Adventure World.

Everything from towers and slides to rooftops and swing beams can be purchased as part of custom swing sets in DE. These heavy-duty backyard recreation combos can be constructed in several different arrangements, with multiple swings, ladders, elevated decks, and covered towers connected together.

Basic Swing Set Packages

Adventure World has put together a variety of pre-built combination swing sets and playset combos that are visually appealing as well as space-saving. Not all backyards are shaped or configured to accept the inclusion of a linear-designed playset. That’s why the company offers several different designs that contain swings, slides, tunnels, and elevated decks in various arrangements.

Highest Grade Materials

All of the available swing set combos and custom playsets in DE from Adventure World are constructed with the highest quality materials and fastening components. All of the wood used in the decking and support beams is covered in vinyl or composite sleeve material to prevent exposure to the elements. The corner through-bolts are stainless steel and are superior in quality and strength to the wood lag bolts so commonly used on playset equipment.

All of the fastening bolts used on the custom playsets for kids available from Adventure World are high-strength and are matched to steel plates designed for use on a particular component. This ensures long-lasting integrity of the setup, with no worries about weakened support beams. The vinyl is coated with specialized paints that never fade. These swing sets are built to service not only your kids, but your kids’ kids.

Adventure World products are sold through various dealers in the state of Delaware. If you are ready to purchase the finest playset equipment in the industry, contact us for information on a retailer in your area.