Custom Playsets Maryland

For those looking for swing sets and playsets in Maryland, look no further than Adventure World Play Sets. Adventure World, which has locations throughout the continental United States, has earned a reputation in recent years for providing superior-quality playsets that children of all ages can enjoy playing in and swinging on in a safe manner. Best of all, though, is the company accomplishes all of this and still manages to provide affordable prices on all of their sets.

Adventure World Play Sets are made in the USA and manufactured with all safety and mechanical precautions in mind. More specifically, these playsets Maryland do not Msplinter, peel, crack, or rot. Adventure World understands that safety is an indispensable component to having fun, which is why their playsets have no exposed nails or metal joints.

Maryland Swing Sets

The company’s swing sets Maryland are rugged and heavy duty, constructed with spring clips that are height adjustable. The swing set brackets are powder coated and will not peel, no matter how fierce the sun and elements are to them. Additionally, each Adventure World swing set is grounded with metal anchors, which are fortified by stainless steel bolts and corner joints.

The lumber Adventure World uses on its swing sets for kids is pressure-treated lumber, which is distinct from untreated lumber in that it is not as susceptible to rotting. Adventure World covers this treated wood with a vinyl covering that is resistant to insects and bees that have a tendency to bore holes in wood.

Up top, Adventure World has chosen a poly-lumber roof to cover their play sets. This wood has the same anti-rotting, sun-resistant tendencies as the wood the company uses throughout, and is also more resistant to heavy winds and harsh weather, which has tendency to damage flimsy canvas roofs.

If you are seeking a custom swing set or playset, the company also has a number of unique options to choose from. In total, there are 9 different features to decide on when constructing your custom play area.

Adventure World Play Sets has locations throughout Maryland. Check your local listings for more information about a distributor in your area.