Custom Playsets New York

Playset Safety and Fun for Children

Taking your child to the park is fun, the child gets the benefits of fresh air and exercise and so does the adult with them. However, sometimes the park is a far distance away and constant supervision is vital. If you’re an average person with a full-time job and little time to care for the essential duties of life such as housework, cooking, and paying bills, it’s difficult to make time to take children to the park to play.

An excellent solution to this problem is to securely fence the yard then have safe and durable playsets for children from Adventure World. Our playsets can be customized to fit the needs and desires of individual families to provide optimum fun and exercise for children, while offering safe equipment.

Benefits of Exercise

Children need exercise to maintain their well-being physically and emotionally. Spending time playing, climbing, swinging, and exercising helps reduce tension and gives needed exercise to control weight. Video games and television are engrossing, but keeping a child well balanced between these games and exercise on a playground helps them learn and grow, providing much needed gross motor development.

Swing Set Safety

Adventure World Play Sets has the most custom swing sets NY has to offer, including a myriad of safety features. They are created with a full covering of vinyl to protect your child from splinters and the playset from deterioration. Textured polyvinyl is used for all of the decking and rock walls to increase traction. Ladders feature non-slip steps and safety rails.

Adventure World Play Sets provides the most superior safety features for swing sets LI and NY residents could ask for:

  • Rubber-coated swing chains and seats provide a pinch-free grip
  • Stainless steel swing chains to prevent rusting
  • Heavy-duty swing hangers with spring clips for easy height adjustment
  • Two ground anchors included with each swing beam
  • No overhead climbers with swings attached

Adventure World has a full 20-year warranty for playsets installed at private residences. Accessories such as plastic sliding boards, chutes, turbo slides, towers, and monkey bars can be added. Colored rubber mulch, mats, and curbing are available if the consumer wants. Consider creating a delightful area for your children to play safely and give us a call today!