Custom Playsets NC

You want your kids to be active, and they want something to play on. The solution to both is to create a safe play area in your backyard. You can find playsets in NC from us to fit into your available space and lifestyle. Whether you have several children and need a large play area or just want a simple swing set and slide for a single child, we have what you are looking for, and because we only produce high-quality playsets, your children will be able to play on them for years.

Swing sets today include more than just the swings. With our backyard playsets for kids, you can choose the parts and pieces you would like to include, from slides to ladders to binoculars to rock walls. The swings themselves have numerous styles and designs you can choose from including gliders, tire swings, standard belt swings, flat swings, baby swings, trapeze rings and more. By being able to customize your swing set, you get exactly what you and your children want, but you can also choose a package set.

North Carolina Swing Sets

Whether you live in the mountains in the western portion of the state of North Carolina or you reside near the coast, our playsets will withstand any type of weather, from winter snows to sea salt spray. The poly lumber roofs atop our playsets are designed to withstand high winds. Powder coating on the brackets and stainless steel bolts resist rusting in any weather that might occur. Our vinyl-covered, pressure-treated lumber is also long-lasting against weathering. Anchors are included with our swing sets to keep the sets stable and upright during use and to keep them from falling in winds that may accompany tropical storms or summer rains.

When your kids ask for their very own playground, give it to them, and know that if you give them one of our playsets, they will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Our quality, durable swing sets and play areas provide children many hours of fun-filled, active play outdoors, which sets up the baseline for a lifetime of healthy habits.