Kid’s Sandboxes for Sale

The Adventure World playsets are high quality, customizable, and provide families with hours of entertainment. One of the best ways to customize an Adventure World playset is by adding a sandbox. The playset sandboxes are offered in a variety of options, and they are durable, environmentally friendly and the perfect outlet for creative kids.

Experience the Benefits of a Custom Sandbox

These backyard sandboxes are made of vinyl and lined with pressure treated wood. Because the wood is pressure treated and covered with a protective vinyl cover, the wood is less likely to rot. The vinyl is easy to clean and very long-lasting. The combination of wood and vinyl ensures that every Adventure World outdoor sandbox will last for years.

The sandboxes are available with or without pyramid roofs. The pyramid roof, a vinyl structure that shields the sandbox from the sun, is a great summertime addition. It is also visually pleasing and turns the sandbox into a charming part of any backyard. The sandboxes can be purchased in a variety of colors, including off-white, white and clay.

Swing Set Sandboxes

These custom sandboxes can be added to any of our vinyl swing sets. Sandboxes for playsets make a great addition to simple and complex swing set packages. Use a sandbox in conjunction with a simple Adventure Gym Package for added fun, or place a sandbox next to a Happy Hideout Swing Set Package to make your backyard the ultimate kid adventure.

Why Choose Adventure World Playsets’ Sandboxes?

Sandboxes encourage kids to use their mental, social and creative skills. When a child builds a sandcastle or digs a hole, they are expanding their imagination and improving their coordination and motor skills. Learning to use shovels and other sandbox tools may help them to pick up self-sufficiency tasks like tying shoes and using zippers. Building a castle with other kids can teach them about collaboration and improve their social skills. Sandboxes are a great way for your child to have fun and develop new talents, and the perfect accompaniment to our outdoor playsets for kids.

If you are looking for a high quality, aesthetically pleasing sandbox for kids of all ages, Adventure World’s sandboxes can’t be beat. They are a great addition to any playset.