Special Needs Playground Equipment

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re dedicated to outdoor fun…for everyone. That’s why we custom build and design a line of special needs playground equipment to ensure that all children have the chance to slide, swing, and play outside. Some of the options include a wheelchair swing, side-by-side slides, a wheelchair-accessible playset ramp, and much more.

All of the special needs playground equipment that we make meets the same high-quality standards as any product which carries the Adventure World Play Sets name. Whether you’re only beginning your search for handicap accessible playground equipment or you’re ready to start getting price quotes, Adventure World Play Sets is the name to trust. Learn more about our line of equipment or enter your zip code to find your nearest dealer.

Our Adaptive Wheelchair Swing Sets and More

Our wheelchair swing sets are designed with the goal of allowing children with special needs to safely play alongside their friends on the same playset. One of the first pieces of special needs playground equipment that we designed and built, our wheelchair swing sets came about simply because a parent asked if we could make one. They wanted to know if we could build a swing large and sturdy enough that a wheelchair could fit onto it. At Adventure World Play Sets, we are very open to building custom swing sets and playsets, so we got to work on this specific playset immediately. Since then, we’ve been expanding our capabilities by building all types of special needs playground equipment.

wheelchair swing

Wheelchair Swing

Our wheelchair swing is our signature adaptive swing set, as it was our first and is still our most popular. This swing allows a child in a wheelchair to be secured into a swing platform which can support their wheelchair. Once they are safely in place, an adult pushes them on the set alongside their friends.

playset with adaptive wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair Ramp

This wheelchair ramp has easy-access from the ground followed by a slight incline and a landing that allows a child to get in on all of the playing action. Whether the child is able to wheel himself/herself or an adult is needed to push them, this wheelchair ramp if perfect for your wheelchair playset.

handicap playground equipment

Wheelchair Landing

The last piece of equipment we built allows children with special needs to access the playhouses that are at the top of our sets. Instead of a standard ladder or steps, we build these inclusive sets with a ramp that is wide enough for a wheelchair to reach the top. This allows kids to enjoy the view and set their imagination soaring safely from the top of their playset.

Side-by-Side Slide

Another one of our most popular pieces of special needs playground equipment, the side-by-side slide allows a parent to go down the slide at the same time as their child. While this is fun for all kids, it can be an important safety component for children with special needs.

The Importance of Handicap Accessible Equipment

Playing outside is one of the best parts about being a child. There’s nothing better than swinging and sliding right alongside your friends. Just like it was for that very first wheelchair swing set we built, our mission behind building special needs playground equipment has always been to make outdoor play accessible for everyone. Our sets were built to help children with special needs – and their parents! – to enjoy the classic fun of a great outdoor swing set, and that’s a goal we take seriously to this day. As a parent, if you have an idea for a custom special needs playset, contact us to see if we can build it for you.

Your Source for Special Needs Playground Equipment

At Adventure World Play Sets, we sell our sets nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. Whether you want to learn more about one of these specific adaptive swings or playsets, or you want to start the conversation about building one of these sets in your backyard, we can help. The first step is to enter your zip code and find your nearest dealer. Your dealer can work with our builders to custom design a set for you and install it right in your backyard. Contact us today to learn more!