Diagram of Busy Basecamp swing set

Swing Set Package #B55-6

If you’re looking for rustic charm, this play set is for you. Constructed from pressure treated wood with a knotty vinyl finish, the set features two sturdy wings and a trapeze bar/ring combo for the little gymnast in your family. Play fort comes with an entry ladder and wavy slide as well as a protected sandbox ideal for storage or play.

...Or Start From Scratch and Design Your Own

Feeling creative? Our interactive 3D Design Center will allow you to design your very own custom playset from scratch. Start with your choice of playset tower (many tower configurations available to choose from). Then add connectors, slides, swings and accessories. Change colors to suit you. Rotate the unit around to see all angles and make sure every side has fun accessories and slides to make your playset unique and a blast to play on. Note: To use the 3D Design Center, you must be using an updated browser and a laptop/desktop computer

Design Your Own Playset Design Your Own Playset