Why Choose Us

Adventure World Playsets Are #1

Adventure World Playsets are made in the USA and constructed following the highest standards. The following quality and safety features are standard at no extra cost on all of our playsets.

Save money over time by not having to repaint or restain your kids playsets. Vinyl sleeving protects against water and moisture preventing cracking and rotting.

Underside Of Our Decking
No exposed wood (Some manufacturers use wooden joist and plywood exposed from bottom side)

Long Lasting Poly Lumber Roof
Resists high winds

Heavy Duty Swing Hangers
With spring clip for easy height adjustment and swing change

Powder Coat Brackets
Resist peeling and rusting

Heavy Duty Corner Construction
Through bolts on all corners with 2 steel angles (most vinyl swingsets use wood lags)

Two Ground Anchors
Included with each swing beam

Stainless Steel Bolts Throughout
Will not rust

NO Splinters, Peeling, Staining, Cracking, Sealing, Painting or Rotting with Our Swing Sets

  • Use of pressure-treated lumber – rather than untreated wood susceptible to rotting in a few years – covered with vinyl combines the strength of wood with the easy care of vinyl. Vinyl covering also resists wood boring insects and bees.
  • Powder-coated brackets resist peeling and rusting.
  • Stainless steel bolts will not rust.
  • Heavy-duty corner construction is through-bolted with two steel angles; we do not use wood lags, which connect by being driven only half way into the beams.
  • Long-lasting poly-lumber roofs – instead of canvas – resist high winds.
  • Durable structural parts and sturdy construction create stable playsets that won’t tip in high winds or as children swing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide durable, high-end Play Sets for our younger generation, improving physical strength, engaging interaction with others, and creating memorable experiences.