Adventure World Playsets warrants to the original owner at the installation address a Limited 20 Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials affecting the structural integrity of the playground systems, such as the vinyl, poly lumber and wood components. Slides, swings and accessories are covered by a Limited 5 Year Warranty from date of original purchase.

These Limited 20 Year and Limited 5 Year Warranties apply only to products used for residential, single-family dwellings subject to ordinary use and proper installation. Any playset installed for use other than a residential, single-family dwelling will have a warranty limited to 10 years on the structural integrity of the playground systems and 2 years on slides, swings and accessories. (See Owner’s Manual for complete warranty information).

Adventure World Playsets is continuously striving to improve our swing set construction and safety features, and reserves the right to change design and/or components without notice. For example, we have discontinued playsets featuring overhead climbers because safety was compromised when swings and accessories were attached.